HFD 061

Technical Details

  • Camera: NIKON D60
  • Taken: February 26, 2011
  • Focal length: 52mm
  • Aperture: f/6
  • Exposure: 1/80 second
  • ISO: 400


  1. Iekha says:

    We can always make a jugnmedt on a person even if we haven’t heard his side (that is a choice we can always make in a democratic society, but an act that a judge cannot make in a court proceeding).With what is happening, and what has happened I can make a jugnmedt of CJ Corona already with respect to evidence presented, in view of the matter of decency expected from a public official more so from the highest magistrate like, did he disclose or not his SALN and did he disclose with honesty what were on his SALNs the discrepancies in his properties and what he earns, and the issue of accepting a midnight appointment.Those matters could be easily be defended by CJ’s lawyers when their turn comes in this legal battle they can easily present alibis and invoke technicalities as regards the admission of evidence and the relevance of existing evidence of the prosecution, et al.But the bar of public opinion is not as rigid as a court proceeding that a judge needs to suspend all jugnmedt till he hears all sides. The measure of a legal proceeding in judging a man is different from measuring a man’s sense of decency.Which I guess what my statement was all about judging Corona on his level of decency as an official rather than if he violated a law.Thanks by the way for the comment.

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