Hey London, I’m in love

A realisation came to me late last year; I’m one to easily fall in love. Bless this treacherous heart! Before you start with your assumptions, let me clarify. I would usually be smitten with the places I go to, but my business trip to London last year left me with a sense of attachment to a city I’ve only known for less than a week. It was love at first visit. (Thank you, Financial Times!)


No, I do not think it has something to do with my fascination for JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series. Well okay, maybe a little bit. Yes, I am a fan – no judgment please, I basically grew up with Harry Potter.


It’s about the city’s character and the old-meets-new charm it exudes. Don’t even get me started with their distinctive architecture. Those 17th -20th century churches and buildings have captured my old soul. I have also been seriously crushing on the modern skyscrapers: will you go out with me, Gherkin; marry me, Shard?


London weather is sometimes described as dreary, but surprisingly, I loved it. It was part of the London charm. Hopefully the next time I visit I won’t be stupid enough to bring the wrong set of clothes. The cold weather, plus cold rain, and throw in thin clothes in the mix equals death by freezing. Good thing, the newsroom was far warmer than the outdoors. But at one point, the liquor secretly stashed at the cubicle I was hot desking on was very tempting.


I didn’t really have the luxury of time outside the newsroom, so a colleague and I made sure to walk around before and after work. Amazingly, everything was walking distance from the office. The river Thames was visible from my desk’s window, an unhindered view of the London skyline can be seen a few minutes away, and the London bridge was not falling down. Haha Sorry, I couldn’t help it.


The day before we flew home, we made it a point to visit a few museums. The Tate Modern and the British Museum blew my mind. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to thoroughly check each of them out. I asked my colleague if he can just leave me there. I promised to hide very well and I think the mummies at the Egypt section would be willing to share their spots.


They don’t really look comfy, but why complain if they’d provide a good hiding place, right?


A week was not enough to give me my London fix, but on hindsight, I think forever’s not enough for me to unlove London. Here’s to hoping this love is not unrequited, for a change. (Feelings! harhar)

More pictures here.


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