Working on a Saturday

…Or not!

Technically, it was an ocular for a possible home makeover winner but it turned out as a bonding sesh for Kath, Cons and me. I met this gals sometime in 2010 when I joined Real Living as their editorial assistant. When I came on board, Cons was the assistant stylist and a few months later, Kath took the managing editor post. Both girls helped me grow as an RL staffer, of course not to mention my other awesome design/editorial mentors who are behind the production of the lovely title.

Meet our ever-patient managing ed. (Photo by Coni Tejada)
Where are we? (Photo by Coni Tejada)

The almost-two-hour drive to Las Pinas was spent updating each other of whathaves and whatnots. Of course when we got to the homeowner’s abode, we did our assigned tasks (we know the drill), called it a wrap, and embarked on our journey back to Mandaluyong. We have a weakness for food and interiors so we chose to cap our Saturday trip with a yummy lunch at Milky and Sunny!

I didn't get the memo --dress code was 'wear stripes.'
The Ukay girls. =)
Cons and her lovely curls! I'm inggit!
Tapaaaa! Looking at this makes me hungry every time. Tsk tsk.

Unsolicited advice – never disregard your colleagues because some of the best friendships are born in the workplace!

Ithese girls!

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