When the road led me to Tandang Sora.

When I first got the Facebook event invite for a get -together at my former boss’ house, I had to verify if I was really on the invite list. See, the crowd will all be from UP Manila —except yours truly who is a proud and crazy Diliman baby.

How did I meet these people? Well, I worked as a research associate at the Manila Studies Program in UPM a few years back and these people were my superior’s former students (who treated our office as their block tambayan), our student assistants, and my ex-boyfriend’s basketball teammates.

I hesitated for a while but because I have actually grown close to some of these Political Science grads, and most of them are actually my age, (but a batch younger in terms of student number) I decided to brave the crazy weather and the deadly Sunday traffic to Tandang Sora, for the sake of friendship. And boy, I assure you I did not regret it.

Most of the faces (and very loud voices) were familiar, but there were also a few new ones like these three kids who are a few batches lower than us. They appeared to be really quiet, but at first look we knew we’d all get along. 😉

Daphne, Steven, and Des (It was really fun meeting you, kids! Til next time. 😉 )

Since I can’t really disclose stuff we talked about that night because we agreed “what happens in Ma’am Tim’s house, stays in Ma’am Tim’s house,” let me give you a vague sense of how we spent the night away.

The family photo with the adopted child, me! haha
The wacky UPM family! (Pero selective pala, to. Exclusive society. Char)

We shared stories. Laughed at ourselves. Realized “pamahak talaga yun.” Got asked “naintindihan kaya niya yun, teh? Ingles e.” Cringed. Threw big words like bigotry. Talked about UP. Of course, politics. Stalked people. Decided we don’t really like ‘kapwa ko, mahal ko.’ CHARITY SWEEPSTAKES. GAWAD KALINGA (I can’t disclose the context, but let me just hint a very clever wordplay here, thanks to the very witty duo Aza-Queng). Got the chance to set the record straight.

Me and Professor Fatima Castillo (My adoptive mother!)

As I was seated inside the dim lit car on my way home, I found myself smiling as I recalled the night that was, and again whispered a prayer of gratitude to the Lord above. He indeed has his ways. Sometimes, people try to bend the truth to make it believable –up to the point they get convinced by their own lies. But hey, it will haunt you. And once people find out all the details of the story you altered, prepare for the lies to backfire. 😉 Basta ako, good vibes!

Let me end this post with a shout out of thanks to these individuals who gave me such an awesome night. And allow me to raise a glass —for truth and friendship. Check na check!


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