We all run sometimes

Apologies for writing about you, again. Don’t ask me when were the other times I wrote about you; I’m not talking. Maybe you can look at the bright side of things and just think you are interesting. That, or my life has been really boring.

In a vain attempt to put my life into perspective, I impulsively decided to take a two-hour bus trip, endure a 90-minute heartracing boat ride, and spend my (very rare) weekend by the beach. As I enjoy my cappucino after a relaxing few hours of sleep, I came up with a tangible working list to help me sort my life out. Every thing was flowing along just fine until at the bottom of the list, I struggled if I should pencil you down or not. Please don’t ask me why your name came up. I’m uncertain myself.

Until the moment of this writing, I haven’t figured why you seem to preoccupy my thoughts. I just know I’m drawn to you – like moth to flame. But unlike the moth, I know I should not get too close to the fire. I should know better than get burned. Yes, I over rationalise.

I may have travelled far (and alone) from my comfort zone, but I am not running away. I just needed to run to myself, fine tune my brain for it to function relatively properly again, and though I am not yet so ready – I will return.

***Writing by the beach, and under the stars, with a bottle of beer to keep me company.


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