To you who saved me from myself

Our first encounter was that fleeting handshake, the hesitant smiles and exchange of names. After the roughly-thirty-second scene, we drifted away into the sea of blurry faces.

No, there was nothing special about that first hello. There was nothing special about you either.


You found me seated on one corner, drowning myself with unnecessary thoughts because I opted not to listen to the man in front.   You passed right in front of me, caught my eye and gave me that smile I never knew would linger like this. I smiled back to be polite, but to my surprise you took the empty chair beside me and we both pretended to listen in comfortable silence. Pretended, because I had no intentions to listen, while I am willing to bet my life you didn’t understand anything either.

But you were not content with the silence, instead you engaged me into conversation. That first one I  wish we never had. Why? Because one,  it made me realize how smart  you were. A very attractive one at that. Two, how you exuded that manly confidence without being arrogant. Which desperately left me craving for more… conversations. And three, how you flashed me your smile. And as if someone pulled a switch, I immediately smiled back.

Every time you spoke to me, you looked straight into my eyes. It felt like  I have known you forever. We threw around jokes as if we were college buddies. You stopped me from doing things as if you had the authority to. And yes, I did not listen because I am stubborn like that. I knew you made a lot of sense, I just wanted things my way. You asked questions which took me aback. I stuttered for my replies, but you never flinched. You wanted answers. We sat shoulder to shoulder without feeling a bit conscious. We laughed and talked as if the night was ours and ours alone –and the stars would attest to that.

You gave me the attention I never asked for. NO,  I AM NOT COMPLAINING. It was helpful. You were helpful. You helped me realize I didn’t have to settle.

But yeah, it was good while it lasted. It ended that day you dropped me off at my place. It ended with goodbye –but it was worth the while.

Oh, and before I forget, allow me to say thank you.

Your smile saved me from myself.


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