Thursday Tale

Since I write remotely for a New York-based wire, I have converted my bedroom to my newsroom. I feed on whatever I have on stock, usually crackers and cup noodles. If I’m not lazy enough to head down, I buy myself decent coffee at the coffee shop inside the condo grounds –but when my legs don’t cooperate, I settle for instant blah coffee.Today was rather special because I had decent food for breakfast, thanks to the previous night’s pizza and fried chicken leftovers.

Tita's Wednesday night treat 🙂

On days when I’m not antisocial and when I have money to spare, I set up my mobile office at a coffee shop either in SM Megamall or EDSA Shangri-La which are kembots away from my place. Today was pretty fun because I did not set up my mobile office alone! One of my closest college buddies and partner-in-crime  (who also sets up his mobile office anywhere) was with me the whole afternoon. Chos! Di naman anywhere, pero somewhere with WiFi preferably because he writes for an online news site.

Sayang this wasn't the cute barista. 😛 And notice my 'so-UP-undergrad' look. Reminiscing the good old days. (Photo by JM Tuazon)

Aside from drowning ourselves with coffee and working our asses off, we impulsively decided that we finally need to see the world from a clearer perspective. Tsarot. We got ourselves new and  AFFORDABLE eyeglasses!

(Background Music: I can see clearly now the rain is gone. )

Photos from our Twitter accounts

Wanna know how much we spent for each of our eye pieces? I assure you these babies are within anyone’s budget! These are the most affordable eyeglasses I have ever had in my life. Because yes, I paid for them. I’m kuripot like that. 😀

After passing all my stories for the day, dinner was next in our to-do list. JM was craving for Jollibee’s palabok so after minutes of arguing which way to go, (Megamall is a labyrinth. Amen? Amen!) we braved the congested Megamall hallways in search for that jolly bee. At dahil “I-can-see-clearly-now” ang peg ko, I spotted at the fastfood’s far corner two hunky and pogi guys seated next to each other, body language screaming “hey, we are a couple.” Sayang, di ko market. Bet pa naman yung isang kuya ng bongga.  I wanted to have my photo taken with the guys but JM wasn’t very supportive! Maybe he thinks I’m a disgrace. Haynaku, mga lalake talaga! Papa-picture lang naman sana ako ah?!

Ako na, ako na ang di maka-move on. (PAGING JM: Ramdam mo ang hang-ups ko, friend?)

I have a lot of becky friends and most of them are REALLY good looking. Yung tipong, buong package na pero di ko talaga market! Sayang kung straight lang sila, landi-able! Yung tipong, this is “the guy you bring home to introduce to mom.”  Paaaak! When I see becky couples, I really feel happy for them ‘coz I think I’m a real becky inside a woman’s body  –sometimes lang talaga, (because I’m female in this side of the universe) I can’t help but feel  sad for myself. Hindi sila attainable. Charot!




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