That fateful day…

…I had a rough morning. I hired a cab to bring me to the office so I would not have to deal with the symbolic violence I experience every time I take the bus to jump-start my day. Unfortunately, somewhere in Guadalupe, we got into an accident. Fortunately, I was not hurt. Or not really. Maybe a few bruises here and there, but generally I survived the accident.

What happened after the crash was a blur. I can only remember I walked away from the site and hired a tricycle to get me to the nearest bus station because I knew I would be late for work. But after that rough start, things turned out pretty well.

Mom said she bought a ticket for the last flight out of Bacolod so she can come to my aid. My aunt, who got the message from my Mom, sent me a text message that she’ll travel from Laguna to my condo. A few friends whom I told about the accident harassed me to see a doctor. My senior editors were worried and also advised me to head to the hospital and take the rest of the day off.

Despite how shaken I was of the incident, all the concerned words a lot of people sent my way made me feel better. All those kind words were greatly appreciated. Thank you.

But yeah, I told my mom to cancel her ticket and texted my aunt she need not travel because I’m okay. I also did not spend the rest of the day off, nor see a doctor. I am really okay. I just need to sleep this off.

I’m one tough girl, after all. And I have a tougher God.


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