Tagaytay on impulse

One moment we were talking about Hindi Zahra’s Beautiful Tango, the next second we were on the bus to Tagaytay. My sister-in-crime Jean was at our flat Saturday night for some catching up. When JM decided he was going to hit the sack, Jean and I were left to our crazy, impulsive minds. You see, we are girls who know what we want, errr, sometimes. We knew we wanted bulalo at that ungodly hour, and so we put on our jackets and followed the road to Tagaytay.

As always, Google was our friend. We searched for 24-hour bulalo houses in Tagaytay, and decided that Tower Ground Bulalohan looks legit. So at half past midnight, we were on a bus to Tagaytay, waiting for it to be filled with other early morning passengers. The bus finally left Coastal Mall bus station at a quarter past one and roughly an hour and a half after, we alighted the bus right in front of Tower Ground Bulalohan. Man, it was freezing! Jean’s brightest idea that night was to wear shorts! It was too cold for our sanity and wrong choice of clothes, but who cares: there was bulalo, hot chocolate and kapeng barako!


After hours of chatting, a few cups of hot chocolate, and countless cussing because of the too cold weather, we were treated to a very calming, mystical view.


Once daylight hit, we decided to walk from the restaurant to Bag of Beans.

My heaven in a cup. Yeah, I’m easy like that. Coffee!

…and all the red in the world.

After a cup of coffee for me, and a cup of tea for J, we decided it was time to hop on the bus home.
Check out more pictures here.

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