Sweet Wednesday

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She told me to accept the offer, and that they will still be there for me. Those words were the sweetest, coming from a former mentor and boss who taught me the basics of magazine life –among a lot of other things about career, love and life.

I came over her cubicle telling her I got a job offer, one that I really wanted I could not refuse. I was a bit worried she might end up with a “tampo” towards me, but she was very supportive –just like my other former colleagues.

This former boss treated me like a daughter and a friend that while I was working under her wing, I told myself disappointing her was a CAPITAL SIN. I wasn’t the best editorial assistant, I must admit, but I made sure I did my best in every task assigned to me.

My grandma was diagnosed with cancer when I was still with the magazine, and my boss made me feel that I wasn’t going through the pain and loss alone. When my mom got sick, which eventually pushed me to resign from my post, she told me she felt sad I was leaving but understood why I had to. I was no longer with the magazine when I broke up with my then-boyfriend, and this same boss heard about it. During her baby shower, she pulled me to one corner and asked me what happened. I told her a summary of the events, and she gave me a piece of motherly/friendly advice.

I’m just really thankful for bosses and mentors like her, as well as colleagues who have become my friends. 🙂 They point out mistakes, they give you both much needed and unsolicited advice which are for your own good, and most importantly, they help you grow.

Thank you, boss. 🙂 Thank you, Lord, for blessing me with wonderful people in my life.

I am blessed. <3 -Hannah

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