Sunday Snaps: Exploring Home

I had a grand plan for Sunday — wake up at noon and laze the rest of the day away in bed. But D had a better idea. He suggested I take a walk around the island, with a subtle reminder that I live in a beautiful place; much of it I have not yet explored. Recognizing that his idea is a great one, I put on my running shoes and my workout clothes, applied some sunscreen, and grabbed my camera bag for my Sunday afternoon adventure.

Having a chill Sunday was a very enticing plan after a physically-exhausting Saturday, but I have to agree that a photowalk is a brilliant idea. Taking photographs is a form of therapy for me. It helps me zone out the noise, forces me to focus on the beautiful things, trains me to observe and focus on the minute details.

I did not go very far, just walked the easy trail from Mo Tat Wan, the place I now call home, to Sok Kwu Wan, the more populated village on the east side of Lamma Island. The walk should take around 20 minutes if you have long legs or if you walk fast. But because I usually walk slowly, plus I would stop for long intervals to take photos, I think it took me a couple of hours.

I took hundreds of photographs, but these are my favorites:

Weekend tourists catching the kaido (open-air ferry) back to Hong Kong island.
If the weather is good on weekends, Mo Tat Wan transforms into a resort.
Tourists can enjoy water activities on weekends.
Wild flowers are gorgeous.
That little caterpillar will soon be a beautiful butterfly. Do you see it?
I almost missed these pretty little blooms. Such small flowers for a huge tree.
Some wild plant dancing with the wind.
There’s beauty in numbers.
Bruised by the wind, but some petals are holding on for dear life.
A fisherman and his boats.
A fisherman uses a motorboat to move from one floating fish pen to another.
A yacht (not in the photo) leaves behind some nasty waves for this little boat.
This butterfly has cheetah spots.
A cargo ship at the East Lamma Channel.
I never realized how tough it is to photograph butterflies in the wild, until today.
I spy a fun yacht! Photo taken from the hillside, with a view blocked by trees.
You’ve probably noticed my fascination with flowers by now.
Winning the camouflage game.


Of burning skies and floating fish pens.


My adventure ends with this sunset photo taken from my balcony.

I’m more than happy I decided to heed D’s advice. Hope you enjoy the photos from this island I now call home.


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