Spontaneity is the new black

…and it brought me to Zamboanga del Sur!

Now that I’m 23, I think I’m starting to love spontaneity. Maybe being spontaneous comes with age. Does it? Oh, and sometimes, being bipolar. (Okay, okay, it’s a self diagnosis, but you get what I mean).

It was a Monday (sometime late August) when I got a text invite from my partner-in-crime/bestfriend to fly to his hometown for the weekend. Knowing me, I’d usually say NO on instinct. Trust me, I have turned down a life-changing invite before but I would rather not talk about it. EVER.

So, back to the vacation invite. I said yes, and found myself so giddy about it. After roughly five years, it would be hello Mindanao again!

Come Friday, I found myself at the airport with another dear friend, Vienna — and we were so excited to fly to Pagadian without having a clear picture of where that is in the Philippine map. I suck at directions, geography and the like, BIG TIME.

Dormido and Parce, present!

We just knew we were excited to escape the big jungle that is Manila and to see Paul again after months (or years??).

After an hour and a half of flying, we touched down in a small airport in Pagadian. It reminded me so much of Bacolod’s small airport which has now been abandoned because of the new airport in Silay.

We spent a few hours in the city to say hi to Paul’s family, grab our sustenance for our vacay, and then his cousin drove us to the resort which would be our home for the rest of our lakwatsa weekend.

We were on the road for almost an hour while our tour guide (Paul) and our uber friendly driver ( his cousin) shared stories about the places we passed by. We were driving out of Pagadian to Lakewood, another town in Zamboanga del Sur.

Unfortunately, most of their stories were meant to freak me out. And yes, I got freaked out and that made them really happy.

I love a laidback vacation. Actually, most of my vacays are laidback. Me and my friends are not the this-is-a-field-trip type of tourists. We take time to sleep, we make sure we enjoy the hotel rooms, bask in the simple luxury of having time to watch TV, study people, take on an adventure and eat!

Our vacay, in photos:


Looking forward to another vacay, soonest, to keep me sane! Blessed Sunday. 🙂




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