Saying thank you at 22

My past birthdays were special in their own way, but this year is THE most remarkable by far. 🙂

Universe prepared me for this day —and the days to come. HEY, I’ll only be 22 once so, despite how cliche-ish it might sound, I’M GONNA MAKE THE MOST OUT OF IT.

Last year, I told my then-boyfriend I want to be 21 forever. But I realized, where is the fun in that?

Today I thank the universe for —

1. Mom and Dad. You know very well I am not perfect, and I never will be –but still you believe in me. And you support my not-very-profitable line of work.

2. The first break up. I couldn’t really call it a heartbreak, because my heart (and I)  became ‘whole’ after that. <3

3. My becky/harsh/b*tch (mostly-journ) friends. Who were not always in the foreground, but never left my side. I thank you for understanding my lapse in judgement –and for rubbing it on my face every time possible. After all, that’s what friends are for.

4. Friends I met along the way, and remained. For accepting and bearing with the becky, maarte me. 🙂

5. The Lolos, Lolas, Titas and Titos I recently met. I thank God I finally met my family. You gave me a sense of who I am, and where I came from.

5.Family. Especially my Mommy Dinah. 🙂

6. Bosses/ officemates/ mentors/ journalists I have worked for/with. You taught me things about the real world. And I’ll forever be grateful.

7. Rakets. You keep me sane.

8. The one who got away. You taught me that sometimes, doing the right thing hurts bigtime. And that sometimes, you have to follow your heart despite how insane it could be. Because sometimes it is better to take the risk and face the consequences than not to take the risk at all, and lose that one person who could mean the world to you. In Katy Perry’s words “I should have told you what you meant to me, coz now I pay the price.”

9. You. For smiling at me and saving me from myself. It made a whole lot of difference. Thank you for your momentarily kindness and for pretending now that I never existed. At least you left me with some happy thoughts.

10. The Man Up There. For the heart aches, challenges, blessings. And for always always keeping your promises. And for giving me not what I want, but what I need and deserve.

THANK YOUUUUU. <3 Bring it on, UNIVERSE! I’m ready and my support system is amazing!

I feel the love. 😀

– H

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