Saturday High: Oh shoot!

My interior designer friend and I decided to be badass, or at least pretend to be, for a day so we went to try out target shooting.

Armscor indoor shooting range, Makati City
Armscor indoor shooting range, Makati City

We got a great deal through the coupon site Metrodeal a few months back and had to pay P800 each instead of P1980. The target shooting session deal we purchased was offered by Armscor Shooting Ranges and included 30 rounds of ammunition, 1 target board for each and free use of protective gear. They have three shooting locations which are Armscor Marikina, Armscor Makati and Camp Caringal. We picked Armscor Makati, an indoor shooting range, which is located at the basement of Makati Cinema Square because we also wanted to check out the Salcedo market after.

Sir Benjo Carpio (though I could not recall his rank), our trainer for the day, made us fire a 9mm pistol. The CZ 75, a semi-automatic with a magazine that can hold 18 bullets, is a bit heavy but the recoil is not as strong as other guns.

Must wear are ear muffs and protective eye gear. One should not enter the firing range without these two.

Before Sir Carpio taught us the how to’s, he first briefed us with the four cardinal rules in handling a gun. Though not in proper order, this is how I remember what he said. One, always assume that the gun is loaded. Two, know your surroundings. Three, never point a gun at something you do not want to destroy or kill. Four, always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

The proper stance when firing a gun is similar to that when you try boxing. One foot forward, while the other one is placed a few paces behind, giving you a strong and stable base. Sir Carpio said 70 per cent of your body weight should be placed on the foot in front which is practical because you’d have to lean forward a bit when firing.

Once you take a target shooting session under him or other trainers, they’d be able to teach you better first hand.

When our trainer asked who would go first, my dear friend Dagny took a step backward, which meant, I had to go first! Well, I have to be honest, I was a willing volunteer.

Sir Carpio made me hold the gun and dished out a few more relevant information. He taught me how to place both my hands properly on the pistol, how to aim for my target, and finally, how to pull the trigger. After the practice, he then loaded the magazine to the gun.

And then, it just happened! The first shot went right through the circle at the center of the target board, and I was thrilled! Sir Carpio was giving out his comments while I was firing and he said it was a good first shot for a newbie! I continued firing until I finished my 30 rounds. My target board/ report card below:

Sir Carpio said I had a good mark and a rather stable pulse for an inexperienced shooter. Well, thank you very much! I think my dad would be very happy to hear that. I just found out through my mom that my dad used to be part of his school’s target shooting team. Talk about pressure!

And then it was Dagny’s turn to fire.
Here she is with her target board. Good job, Dagny girl!
We look like giddy children posing for the camera with our most recent artworks. 😛

Our target shooting adventure does not end here. Dagny and I agreed we’d take outdoor training next time and another friend is joining us! Woohooo! Now, only if we had a lot of leisure time.


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