Playing dress up.

Thinking about it, one thing I awfully miss  (aside from the people I’ve worked with) when I think about my then-magazine-life was having the perfect excuse to dress up.

It was fun picking out the clothes and applying make-up –and seeing yourself all pretty and dolled up. Don’t get me wrong though, working for a magazine requires hard work. It wasn’t all about glitz and glamour —there were days when I had to pull-out (aka borrow) furniture and other huge items from different stores. I’d visit more than three cities a day to borrow items we need for the shoot, and return them again after a day or two. I think that’s enough for now. Magazine life blog entry needs to wait.

What I really wanna share now are some looks I created on Looklet. I’m not a stylist, (but yes, how I wish I can be a great one someday) but I just created some looks I wish I could strut around in (soon.)

Exhibit A:


I’d love to wear this one to work or maybe on a fun night out with friends. The shoes are to die for! And the whole attire looks classy and laid back, too. Not revealing, but not really conservative.

Exhibit B:

The boots are gorgeous! Which reminds me I need a new pair since my mom threw my pair of leather boots away. Yes, she did ‘coz she believes I need a new one. Come on! I’m out of budget.

The graphic tee is simple and comfy, but it somehow screams for attention. What I’m worried though are the sleeves. I have bulky arms and I feel awkward walking around and showing them to the world. (But I am working on them. UGH! Let’s not talk about my sore muscles.)

Exhibit C:

Created at

RED SHOES! It’s love at first sight! (I think by now you’ve guessed I heart shoes! And yes, I’d love to wear heels again without people at work freaking out. 😛 ) Red shoes are great accessories! It pumps up any look, and I believe it looks stunning with this little black dress and the layered necklaces. But if I wanna wear this dress, I should really push myself harder working out. (Muscle pains! I die!)

I miss playing dress up! But if my prayers will be answered soonest, I might be able to bring my favorite wedges and pumps out to play. 😉 Waiting for my perfect excuse to doll up! Weee!


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