Paaaaaaak! Check.

Staying wide-eyed during the wee hours of the morning has its perks. For one, I can enjoy the silence that this city couldn’t always offer (especially during the day). These past two weeks, I have put this hobby of being awake during the most unholy hours, plus my journalism background, into good use. I found a job (or the job actually found me, it’s kinda hard to explain) that actually needs me to be awake when everyone else is lost in Morpheus’ lair. Boy, I’m thrilled. But, that’s for another post.

For now, I’d like to share with you some eCards I stumbled upon while I was site hopping.

Don't you wish your girlfriend was grammatically correct like me?
Dontcha? 😉

My grammar is not flawless. We all make mistakes using this foreign language, but I guess what sets me apart is the conscious effort to, at the very least, minimize the errors.

You had me at your impeccable spelling and correct use of grammar.
Konti nalang sila.. or mailap lang talaga. haha

I find it really frustrating and an instant turn-off when someone sends me a message (through whichever platform) that is peppered with misspelled words and grammar lapses. One or two mistakes may pass off as typographical errors, but a mistake in every sentence is just unbearable. This reminds me of this cute guy who used to text me (not sure how long ago though hahaha Fine, I just don’t wanna give away clues) who seemed to have a constant battle with grammar. Or maybe they were never introduced? (That was mean, I know. But I can’t help it. Sorry! ) He was not a ‘jejemon‘ texter, no! I think he was just more gifted with numbers. 😛

I told my friends about him and his hate-hate relationship with grammar, and they candidly told me, ‘edi i-edit mo nalang.’ I tried, pero di ko talaga masikmura e. Whenever he texts me, yun lang ang napapansin ko! So it won’t work. Really. It won’t. Unless we can maybe come up with a code to talk or text using numbers? On second thought, it also won’t work because I suck at numbers. Soooo, it’s settled. It really won’t work. (Slaps forehead)

You had me at your proper use of  you're
And YOU were the first person that came to mind! HAGGARD.

Sometimes I’m just easy to please. Just be conscious and cautious with your grammar. That’s a pretty good way to leave a good impression especially because—

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Happy bed-weather Monday!


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