My BIR story: TIN ID in 30 mins!

I recently found out some banks no longer accept postal and company IDs valid when opening a new account, so it drove me nuts. Desperate to get this debit card I need to verify my Paypal account, I was determined to get government-issued IDs. My first stop was the Bureau of Internal Revenue for my TIN ID card.

The process was unfamiliar to me so I tried Mr. Google’s powers to help me out,  unfortunately, most accounts online were posted two to three years back. So I gathered all my patience and headed to the nearest BIR office. When I got to the BIR office along EDSA (near MRT Shaw Station), I asked the guard what I should do if I wanted to get a TIN ID. I was instructed to look for the ID releasing officer. It’s easy to find the person in-charge because the desks have signs indicating the personnel names and their assigned tasks.

There was a short line in front of the TIN registration and ID releasing desk so I queued. It took me around 15 minutes to wait for my turn and I’d have to say it was faster than I expected. When it was my turn, the officer asked me to sign a sheet of paper where I’d have to provide information like my name, complete address, contact details and existing TIN.

I handed the paper back to him after I filled out the information they required, and then I was instructed to wait. After roughly 10 minutes, another personnel called out my name, handed me my newly-printed ID and asked me to sign the logbook indicating that my card has been released. And take note, I never had to pay a single cent for the transaction.

The BIR really impressed me on this one! It never crossed my mind that I’ll get my card in one visit but I got mine in roughly 30 minutes. I sure hope all government offices would be this efficient. My next goal is to get my SSS ID, and despite my recent positive experience at BIR, I’ll be wise enough to still brace for and expect the worst. =)

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