Mom’s the word

Today being the International Women’s Day, I figured I’d make it special in a very simple way –by writing about the most important woman in my life, my mama. 🙂

Our mother-daughter relationship is far from perfect but it is mainly based on trust, respect and love. We’ve been through a lot, and will still be facing more tough times. But who cares, we have each other, and my papa too.

My mama is strict in several aspects–and she has the tendency of imposing herself on you when it comes to being spic and span. Yes, she is obsessive-compulsive which sometimes drives me nuts. But if she ain’t OC, then she’s not my mama. Haha

I personally think I’m the cross she has to carry. Based on her stories, I was a difficult child to raise because I never ran out of questions. And yes, I was so outspoken I always asked them to hear me out on things.

I started going to school when I was three, and my teacher would call my mama complaining I slept don’t listen in class. But she said it made her really proud when the teacher asked me questions about the lessons and still can answer her back. After all, I was listening –but maybe appeared uninterested. Come on, I was three!

Another story that always puts a smile on her face was when I was four years old; my teacher marked one of my exam answers wrong. She asked us to color the leaves –I colored mine brown. She marked it wrong because normal people would color leaves are ideally green. I went home crying and my mama was worried. I showed her my test paper with that one mistake and she said I was insisting I should be correct. So she decided to bring me back to school, talked to my teacher and made her explain to me why my answer was wrong. Mama recalled the teacher asking me why I colored it brown and she said I answered back that dried leaves are brown, and they are still leaves. I even had dried leaves to prove my point, so my teacher decided to consider. Yes, at that point my mom knew she was raising a girl with tendencies (to go crazy, to question authority and to defy societal norms.) haha

When I started going to a public elementary school, my mama would always be summoned by my teacher or the principal –either I was involved in a fight, or because I didn’t want to copy the things on the blackboard.  I was so lazy, and am still so lazy to write using a pen and paper. Ugh. I also always fought back when older kids bullied me. I never started a fight, but I always made sure I fought back –just like what my papa always reminded me to do. So, because my papa worked far away, it was always my mama who had to face my teachers and the principal. Sometimes, when we’re at home, it drove my mama to tears but she never left my life. She’s on tough woman.

And yes, until now she has never left my side. I’m so lucky and blessed having her. And I’ll forever be grateful. –HFD

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