Melodramatic March

Hello March,

What’s with all the drama?

My first meme! hehe


By impulse, I flew home last Saturday (and now my wallet is complaining).  The recent drama I had to deal with  drained the life out of me. I honestly wasn’t born for drama.  Drama makes me sick, literally and figuratively.

The bad thing is, I’m back to my college habit of going home when things are crazy or when life’s awfulness becomes too much for me to handle. When I was in college, at least the plane tickets were taken from my dad’s funds –now, I have to pay for them. Tsk tsk. Goodbye overtime pay!


Due to some bad luck this month has been pouring on me, I again flew aboard the propeller plane last Saturday. When the girl at the check-in counter told me my hand carried luggage should just be 7 kilos, I freaked out. I snapped back: “Don’t tell me I’m flying in that propeller plane again?” With a smile, she said: “Yes, ma’am.”

Right there and right there (yes, for emphasis) I DIED! That freakin’ plane should retire! It took us more than two hours to get to Bacolod, in bad weather at that. For the love of God, that was the most terrifying two hours of my  life. I honestly think I’d die a gruesome death in that plane. But, who knows, just like the members of the No Ordinary Family, I might emerge from the crash with super powers.


I need a massage.


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