Legazpi Sunday Market: Dreamcatchers

‘I’d nail a dreamcatcher over my bed, if I thought it would keep you out of my head.’ -Anonymous

Dreamcatchers by Eureka. Visit their booth every Sunday at the Legazpi Market.
I’ve wanted dreamcatchers for the longest time, but they were pretty elusive. Now I know where to buy them, or have them made! Eureka accepts customised dreamcatchers. Their contact details below.
My take-home all for P450! I wanted earrings, but they ran out of stock. Now thinking of just ordering customised sets.


I wanted this, or maybe something bigger. But I’d really love a dreamcatcher sans the stones, and maybe in a brighter hue. I think this one costs P800. Not bad, considering that it takes skill, patience and time to create.

Eureka Design Co.
Visit their booth at the Legazpi Sunday Market.
Email address: [email protected]
Mobile: +63 917 596 03 28

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