Take me back, Laiya

One thing I learned about planned trips (in my circle of closest friends), they never push through! Or at least people start backing out because of coverages, coverages and more coverages.

One proof? This Batangas trip was thought of a week before the lakwatsa date.

I did the online shopping for resorts and the main considerations were budget, how pretty the beach is, and uhm, budget. Did I mention budget? Hahaha Welcome to the world of kuripot twentysomething media practitioners. (Can you believe our first summer getaway was in my condo’s clubhouse? haha But that’s another story.)

So one Sunday, we all hopped on a van to Laiya, Batangas for a much-deserved daytrip.

The gang all hyper early in the morning!

The long drive was part of the fun. We were so excited (and mainipin) we kept on checking where we were on Google Maps and felt really disappointed every time we’d see the moving blue dot (which was us) was nowhere near the red pin that marked the spot.

Don't believe the "49 minutes" you see on the screen. It took us forever.

We picked Taramindu Beach Garden Inn, and at P500 per person, it did not disappoint. Three hundred pesos of the P500 fee is consumable at the resort restaurant. For daytrippers, a cabana is provided with no extra charge.

Pretty cabanas

Taramindu is one piece of heaven. We were seated on the chairs along the beach facing the open sea and all we can ask each other was “are we seeing a ‘Photoshopped’ view”?

I’d let the photos speak for themselves.

I was coerced to swim. I just wanted to go to the beach, drink beer, read a book or sleep. Scratch two off that list!
Class photo before we bade Taramindu goodbye

Kayaking scared the hell out of me, made me forget I can actually swim! "Kayaking, how very Hamptons." (Zarzuela, 2012)
The stretch of resorts in Laiya, Batangas


Given the chance, I’d love to spend all my weekends here, with friends, or alone. I’d love to wake up to the sound of the waves kissing the shore, and spend the night lying on the white beach staring right straight into the starry sky. (EMO!)


Check their website for more details:

Taramindu Beach Garden Inn


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