It’s been decided, again.

One of my mom’s older sisters is currently the principal of a public high school in one of the more rural areas in Bago City and during my almost 72- hour Christmas vacation, we just had this out-of-nowhere conversation.

(I call her Mommy but she’s really my aunt.)

Mommy: One of our teachers asked if you can be the speaker for this year’s graduation rites and I said yes.

Me: She asked or you ‘volunteered’ me?

Mommy: I didn’t.

Me: How’d they know about me?

Mommy: They just know.

Me: (blank face)

Mommy: And I told your Tito about it and he said ‘Marunong ba mag straight Ilonggo yun?’

(Context: I always mix up the words. I can converse using the language but most of the time, yeah, I suck at it.)

Me: Nanonood naman siguro sila ng teleserye, ano? So pwede naman mag Tagalog?

(End of conversation)

Basically, she was INFORMING me, just informing. Clearly, it was another IT’S-BEEN-DECIDED moment (Hello, Dyan). I honestly don’t mind. Who knows I might inspire those kids to grow up just as crazily as I did? Haha

I hope I don’t mess this one up or I might just run up to the mountains and eventually get eaten by a wolf or a bear or whatever we have in the mountains of Bago.


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