Imitating Maria

After Canada-based-Filipino Maria Aragon‘s version of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way became a Youtube hit,  this 10-year old has definitely gained fans around the globe.

This is the video that started it all:

But you know you’re truly popular when people start to copy you. Look at this adorable baby girl who’s trying to imitate Maria.

Five-year old Andee can’t even pronounce all the words just yet, but hey, just look at her facial expressions. She’s a treasure!

As for Maria, this girl is just starting out, and will definitely go far. Here are some of the videos about her I found on Youtube:

The radio where she got invited by Lady Gaga to perform with her.

Their duet during Lady Gaga’s concert.

Her interview and performance in the Ellen Show.

I hope this talented girl continues to show the world what she’s got, but keeps her feet firmly on the ground. Rock on, Maria!  ? H

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