I found love in my inbox(es)

He has His ways to remind us that we are blessed, maybe not with money or material things, but of other riches we could not easily buy.

I received this email a few weeks back when I was also trying to deal with my own struggles –and was somehow on the verge of giving up. You see, I may be all bubbly and cheerful but as the song goes, ‘deep inside this armour, the warrior is a child.’

And you know what my first thought was after reading her email? To God be the glory.

I wish I could have shared this sooner, but of course I had to ask my new friend if I could share her email publicly, and gladly she said yes! So… here you go. Screenshot of email

This is my reply to HFD's email.

Dear HFD, (no, not myself, the letter sender) many thanks again for sharing your story with me! 🙂

PS. My email inboxes (yes I have a number of them for work, blog, etc etc) are such happy places! Love love love! If anyone’s wondering, you can send me your thoughts in this address: [email protected]

Have a bonggang Wednesday, everyone!

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