“I resisted you not for lack of love…”- From Prada to Nada

Photo grabbed from the official trailer

I’m a bit difficult to please when it comes to movies because I have this awful habit of criticizing the plot, the lines and even the characters. In result, there are movies I couldn’t enjoy for the sake of watching –I spend the whole hour or so criticizing when I’m supposed to shut up.

The cards played differently for From Prada to Nada. Or maybe I was just biased because the film started with my pick-me-upper song, California Girls by Katie Perry.  haha

I’m not here to write a review of the film, but I’d like to share a few quotes I loved while watching the movie. Yes, I do take down notes when watching. Bit weird, eh? (haha)

BRUNO: Sometimes you play a game even though you know you’re gonna lose.

NORA: Or sometimes you leave the game even when you know you can win.

BRUNO: I won’t leave that game. #


MARY: I’m sorry I was selfish.

NORA: You were inlove with someone who didn’t love you.

MARY: And you?

NORA: I didn’t realize I was in love with someone who did. #

And here’s the one line I loved the best:

I resisted you not for lack of love, but because I was scared of losing myself in it. -Nora (From Prada to Nada)

I hope you do watch the movie too! The young lawyer is hot. 😉



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