Hottie who?

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One of my elementary besties just called me a ‘hottie’ recently. And my reaction was “WTF?”

He went on by asking me “So Bes, what’s keeping you hot?” The question sounded wrong and awkward.  Yes, my mind explored the green-zone, too, but because it was my bestfriend asking, I knew he just meant what I’m doing to make me look blooming and happy.

Honestly ‘hot’ is the last adjective I’d use to describe myself. I’m not being modest, I’m just being honest. There are really girls and guys who’d fit the hot category but let’s face it, that’s just too far fetched for me.

That conversation inspired me to come up with answers to the question “what makes you hot?”

Answer 1:

“Narcissism. Love for oneself. After all, you have to love your own.” (And I gave him somewhat this kind of answer. He said he was expecting it. HAHA )

Answer 2:

“This freakin’ weather.”

Answer 3:

“Since I’m cold blooded, I have to use thermal underwear to turn up the heat.”

Answer 4:

“Hot? Hot Coffee, hot tea? Oh, but not me. ” (This is just so out-of-the-blue answer, I know.”

Okay, do you have better ways of answering that question? Drop me a line at [email protected] 🙂




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