Holiday project: Wrap it up!

I took my trash out early Sunday morning when I was dissapointed to see a murdered magazine left outside the trash chute. Our building caught fire few weeks back so the trash rooms have been closed – so residents now leave all the disposables by the door. As someone who has experienced the tedious and tiring process of producing magazines, I sort of felt bad for the print pages that were left there by someone whom, obviously, didn’t have much appreciation to those pages like I did. I’m not saying I’m better, it’s just that it hit so close to home – the mag is a Summit title, though one I haven’t written for.

I don’t usually play basurera, but this time I made an exception. I was determined to make something special out of those unappreciated pages.

Here are how the pages looked after I gave them some tender loving care:



I gave the magazine pages new life, and are they not pretty? I did not only recycle the old, worn-out pages but I think I made a few holiday presents more special by giving them a personal touch.

Happy holidays!

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