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This blog keeps me sane. It’s one of those outlets where I have all the right to be myself, where I can pen down my most inane thoughts, post incriminating stuff if I want to –no pretension necessary.

So, I basically maintain a blog for myself, or for friends (or for stalkers, I never knew I had a few until recently. haha kapal ko, erase). This blog has brought me both good and bad things. To name a few, I recently was told this girl sent out my link to her  friends to check out “the competition”  (I hope she got her ego-boost after what she did. But from the bottom of my heart, thanks for the free publicity. Weeee! )

I also got a job offer after the boss stumbled upon my blog and read the contents (after seeing the link I posted on my Facebook profile. This is according to the official press release, but you know how PRs can get).

On a more serious, emo note, it’s really heartwarming when someone outside your circle gets to appreciate what you write.

Few days ago, someone added me on Facebook and sent me these kind words:

Thank you, dear Lord, for the little things you allow to happen as reminders that life is worth living (and writing).

PS: But please, as the prayer goes –Keep me away from all evil (including creeps and a*holes) that walk this earth. Alam mo na, dense ‘tong bagets. Pero thanks for all the protective friends you gave me to be my guardian angels. Okay, scratch the angels part, guardians would do.

Bumibinggo na Lord e. Di na keri ng powers ko. Iyak nako, pag nag strike pa ulit. Thank you!


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