Hank: A Scottish Fold in Hong Kong

Meet Hank, a very affectionate Scottish Fold who was once a shelter cat, but is now an island cat!

When I adopted Hank from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA HK), I had no relevant pet-owner experience. I was partly worried I’m going to be a horrible cat mum, but then I had a support group who believed otherwise.

Living with a cat is a constant learning experience for me. Pre-cat adoption days, sometimes I’d leave my balcony doors open as I rush to catch the ferry, or I would decide to sleep in on weekends. I was used to living alone and not thinking about another being’s welfare — but this all changed when my adoption application was granted. The mixed emotions, mostly positive, of having a feline family member is all new to me. Thoughts of him running away, or falling ill, or feeling lonely makes me anxious. The anxiety is only a small part of the experience; having Hank around makes me happy, even if he thinks 2AM is a decent time to wake me up or when he takes up all the screen space during video calls with D.

Another thing I am trying to learn is how to set boundaries so that my cat knows what he can or cannot do. There are days when one falls victim to an all-out-kitty charm. Please do not judge the human, this charm is one potent strategy to get your way, if you were feline.

Case in point, I was having breakfast by the balcony one Sunday when he decided he has to be out on the balcony, too. Aside from looking out at the water, and spotting the birds by the beach, I’d like to believe he wants to be where I am. I wanted him to stay inside so he won’t have the chance to run away, but then how can you resist such a face?

“Hello, it’s me…”


“…can I come out, please?”


“…please, please. Pretty please?”


“Are those birds I see?”


“Maybe I am scared of heights…”


“or maybe I can jump…”


“Okay, maybe I can just observe from up here.”

If you want to see more of Hank’s new life as an island cat, you can follow his Instagram account.


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