Green(belt) afternoon

When I’m not working my ass off, or not writing, or not watching  forensics-and-crime related TV series, I’m snapping away. I honestly can’t remember when I took these photos, but I remember where I took them. I was in Greenbelt 5 then, waiting for an event to start. But because I arrived too early, so I decided to grab coffee and kill time at Starbucks Greenbelt 3.

I got my usual order, a grande Java Chip frappe. And yes, I gave them a fake name, as I always do since they don’t get my name right most of the time. When the barista asks, “may I have your name Ma’am,’ I say “HANNAH.” Then, I receive my cup named “ANA.” So after getting tired of spelling my name every time I get my coffee, I give them a fakename! So for that day, I was… SAM. WAHAHAHAHA If they ever misspell that, I’ll die laughing.

Before it rained ‘parks and wildlife’ (haha I remember my former boss saying this every time it would rain so hard), I was able to take a few shots from the central park (I’m not sure what’s it called but you find it between the Greenbelt malls.)

Maybe I can take more photos next time, when I find myself in Greenbelt for purely leisure purposes.   ? ?

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