Gracias, 2011.

Farewell, 2011.

But before we finally bid this year goodbye, let me give you a rundown of some of the reasons why 2011 is one hell of a special year.

Got to celebrate Father’s day with Dad

Father's Day dinner at EDSA Shangri-la


Mama and Papa


Went out-of-town with mom and scratched Boracay off my bucket list

Bangka ride to Boracay


I heart you, Boracay! Weee!


Hello, pixie! Finally. 😀

The haircut I've always wanted. <3


Met new friends and spent more time with old ones.

(Too bad I don’t have photos of my other becky friends, but you know who you are! )

Photo by Chinsc (Sin Chew Daily)
KSUP gang


With Ella, my former UPD roommie.
High School bestfriends
UPV dormmates
Real Living becky family 🙂
Cheers to late night hangouts
Tres Marias (It's-been-decided-let's-meet-up-gelays)


Faced my fear of business reporting (but I’m not saying I’m good at it).

No photo for this! haha


Visited my grandparents.

With Chief Alo. 🙂
Beer tower! 😀 haha


Took on the Women’s Health challenge and lost weight (check out WH November 2011)

But I was not able to buy my own copy. Mega fail!


Met family members I never knew before.

Dreyfus second mini-reunion at Lola Julie’s home
Meeting Dreyfus Lolas and Titas for the first time


Celebrated Christmas at our own humble abode.

At the lanai. 🙂
Christmas celeb and Mom's 51st


And most importantly, I learned to forgive.

Thank you, 2011.

Hello 2012, please be awesome! 😉



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