Gettin’ a little creative

Since I decided not to sleep tonight because I’m bringing mom to the airport to catch her 4am flight to Bacolod, I tried to be a little creative.  So I got my sketch pad, my ever reliable sketching pencil, my DSLR –and tadaaaaah, these are the outputs.

I haven’t really cleaned up the image yet, as you can see there are a lot of rough edges especially that I used Photoshop to color the piece. Ain’t Mister Octy just charming?

Did you know that an octopus has three hearts? For sure some of us wish they had more than one heart. Proof? Janno Gibbs’ Sana dalawa ang puso ko.  Then maybe you guys can wish you were an octopus.

This next piece was inspired by a trivia I recently read —“the chicken is one of the few things we eat before it is born and after it is dead.”

Obviously I need to practice more since I’m not really good at this. 🙂 Happy Tuesday everyone!


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