Five lessons Dad taught me

Christmas ’07. One of those few holidays I got to spend with my dad.

Through the years, my dad has been the good cop (so you know who the bad cop is. Hello, mom! haha) Maybe because a father’s love is different, especially that I’ll always be his little and only girl.

Every time my dad has apprehensions toward my decisions or my ways, he lets my mom say it out loud! Soooo, my dad is the good cop. hahaha

My dad has also allowed me to make my own mistakes and learn from them the hard way.

I have never doubted my dad’s love for me, but I learned to appreciate his love more when my mom told me this story. My dad and uncle were talking about me and my then-significant other when my uncle blurted out ‘problema lang ata yan sa baby girl natin.’ Take note, I was already 19 then, but I still was everyone’s baby girl. My dad never said anything bad or negative, instead he just answered back ‘ano magagawa ko, mahal niya e.’

My dad is beyond the best, so I try my extra best not to disappoint him. All his prime years were spent abroad so he could help me reach my dreams, send me to a reputable school, provide all my needs and more,  give me the life he thinks his princess deserves. I can only imagine how difficult that could have been for him, but my dad, with God’s grace, has made it this far. If you don’t believe in heroes, please let me introduce you to my dad (and mom).

So before I get all emotional here, let me impart with you some of the important lessons I learned from my dearest Papa:

1. Don’t start a fight, but never back down when you are right. He told me never to cry during fights and assured me he’ll save up for my lawyer’s fees and bail money.

My parents knew I was a difficult child while I was growing up. My mom would always cry to dad when he calls coz she can’t stand me anymore.  I wasn’t disrespectful or anything, but I was gutsy and always had a way to justify things.

I always had issues in school –either I had a fist fight with the bullies again,  I didn’t want to copy the things on the board, or I argued with what my teacher taught me coz she was wrong and I read the correct details from my encyclopedia collection. See? Bitchessa, right. But I always made sure I did not start a fight, and that I was right. If not, I was humble enough to ask for forgiveness, or shut the hell up.

2. Respect the rights of a child.

Growing up, I really hated trekking to the farm. It was all muddy, hot and there was no television! All I’d see were fighting cocks here, trees there, sugarcane everywhere. Imagine how a 7-year old would have felt! So when my dad would bring me and mom to the farm, I’d always argue that I wasn’t feeling well –oh and convince them that I really wasn’t in good shape. After presenting the facts of the case, we’d all decide.

No, seriously, my dad and mom ran a home where my two cents worth were honoured. I was allowed to speak my thoughts, justify my actions, but with respect. Always, always with respect.

3. Save up for your future.

My dad used to call me ‘bili moko nun, bili moko niyan’ that he was scared as hell to go to the malls with me. Until now, he’s still scared! hahah

Few years back I brought him to eat at Yellow Cab. He handed me five hundred bucks and I told him it wasn’t enough! He called my mom and told her he thinks he has fever.  LOL

But hey, I have learned to handle my money well. Like what I’ve been telling mom, I’m really thrifty when it comes to MY money. So I ask for THEIR money if I want to buy the more expensive things.  Promise, I’m saving for my future!

4. We all have to part ways –when and how, no one can tell, so deal with it.

He first told me this when my grandmother passed away, then when my grandfather, his dad, also came to rest. I’m still working on this. Still working on this. Uhm, did I mention I’m still working on this?

5. Don’t mind if other people don’t like you, after all, you don’t need all of them. You’ve reached where you are now, and became who you are without their help.

There was a phase in my life when I wanted to become accepted and loved by every one. I think we all passed this stage.  I can’t remember what really happened then, but my dad called me and he was so pissed that I was crying. It was then he told me these words. It was when I realised, hell yeah, he was right.

Happy father’s day to the most important man in my life! <3 I love you to the farthest star and back.

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