Falling in love with Zambales

It was my very first trip with the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP).

Photo by Eng Hock Teh

And yes, Zambales was love at first sight. But getting there was a challenge! We were on the road for roughly four to five hours because we got lost and the driver was an a-hole, and the place was really far flung.One of the Luzon-based journalists on the same van even said if we were in Davao, and we were travelling that dark, winding, rough road, he’d be scared for our lives. But thank God it was Zambales, but I have to admit, it was scary.

The training was about labor organizing within the ranks sponsored by the International Federation of Journalists. The daily sessions entailed much thinking and focus that every after each day’s session, the participants had to –how do we say it– let loose. After all, we worked hard, so we can party harder!

Photo by Chinsc (Sin Chew Daily)

Aside from hearing firsthand from respected journalists the depressing labor conditions of media workers all over the country and coming up with training modules, I also earned new friends. 🙂

Let me  share a few memorable photos of that 3-day trip.

Photo by Chin

Look at all those Pale Pilsen bottles! Oh no no no no, we didn’t drink them all. We just wanted a photo op. 🙂

Photo grabbed from Chin

Adding to the group is my roomie, Kaka of PDI. These bottles are scaaaary!

Photo by Eng Hock Teh

With Mam Weng and Jepoi during the Karaoke Night. And I’m sporting the grepa look. (becky vocab: grepa means haggard, stressed, ugly et.al.)


Photo by Hannah D

My Zambales roomie-turned-friend-and-sister Cecille who I share the bestest conversations with. 😀

Photo by Hannah D

And I’m craving for mangoes and bagoong all over again. UGH

? H


Please bring me back to Zambales. I wanna run barefoot on the sand.


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