Eco Park Saturday

I dragged my sleepy self to La Mesa Eco Park last week to do  legwork for a writing gig –only to find out  the boating lagoon was under construction and the fishing lagoon has not been restored since typhoon Ondoy damaged them September of 2009. It was too early my other shoot locations were still closed so I decided to stay a bit and take a few photos of flora.

Seeing greens and flowers, and breathing in fresh air was nice –making me forget for a few minutes that I’m actually still at the heart of the polluted and crowded metro.

Because I found the heat unbearable, and had other locations to go to, I then decided to leave. You can visit La Mesa Eco Park too. I’m sure kids and adults alike deserve some fresh air once in a while, and maybe some running and playing area where birds and butterflies abound. 🙂

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