I took a bite and went to cupcake heaven


Something about Salcedo Market keeps me coming back. Every instance I’m there, I feel tormented with all the food choices. One moment you think you have made up your mind, but you move to another stall and you feel like you want another dish!

Last Saturday,I told myself I’d stay away from sweets. But as I was checking out the food stalls, I saw these cupcakes sliced into small pieces for tasting. Who am I to refuse those sweet little things?

There were four flavors but I decided to try chocolate – I would choose chocolate anytime. And before I could stop myself, I had blurted out ‘I want one!’ The good guy who was selling the cupcakes asked what frosting I wanted, but I wasn’t really sure so I said I’d go for whatever he recommended. I was a bit preoccupied so I did not really take note of what frosting he picked for me, but boy it was sinful and heavenly! The ironies of life.


It was so good the cupcake vanished in less than 3 minutes and I did not share. The richness of the frosting went very well with the moistness of the base. That cupcake was such a guilty pleasure, but it sure was something worth being guilty about. I should stop myself from buying another cake on Saturdaaaay!

Check out CC Crafted Cakes every Saturday at the Salcedo Market. You can also torture yourself by following their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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