Crazy Metro Signs

I’m out of the office a lot –braving the heavy metro traffic to source items for the mag, go to shoots or attend events. And I just can’t help but notice funny signs along the way. This is not an original concept though because my college professor and practicing journalist Danilo Arao (read his blog Rising Sun) has actually been blogging about funny signs he’d see just about anywhere —and this inspired me to document those tragic and awkward signs I encounter along the way, too. Pardon me for the blurry photos and low resolution, I took them using my not-properly-set BB curve I named Nyx.

These first two signs I found one fateful night in Ninoy Aquino Terminal 3 when I and my mom waited for my Mommy’s (she’s really my aunt but that’s what I call her) flight to Bacolod. I was so sleepy and airport wifi was crappy so I had to find ways to amuse myself.

If you are observant enough, this Resorts World ad would catch your eye. And yes, you read  it right. It says “ACROSS FROM NAIA 3.” This one’s pretty simple. They could just say ACROSS NAIA 3. Should they say more? Sayang, it’s an RW ad pa naman. Tsk tsk.

This sign I found at Jollibee’s counter right inside NAIA 3.Hmmmm. I agree, we’re not close. I don’t effin’ know you.  LOL

And I saved the best for laaaast! It took me a while to understand this one. I think they don’t have enough cardboard to put up another sign so they tried to hit two birds with one stone. I saw this along Connecticut Street in Greenhills, near Designmix Building because I was there to shoot a store for our March issue. And for your sake, and mine, this sign tries to tell passersby that “BAWAL ANG MOTOR” (Motorcycles are not allowed here) and “BAWAL UMIHI DITO” (Do not urinate here).

This is a crazy country, with crazy people and crazy signs.

If you have photos of funny,crazy or out-of-this-world  or plainly stupid signs, please email them to me at [email protected] and include your name and where you found it. I promise I’ll credit you when I use your photos! ? H

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