Bitten by the travel bug

Last year, I was bitten by the travel bug — and I’m thrilled to announce that there seems to be no cure.

The first few months of 2012 marked a number of trips home to Negros Occidental – some of which were because I was homesick, one trip because of my grandfather’s passing, and another one to grace a graduation ceremony.

It was followed by a budget day trip to the white sand beach of Laiya, Batangas with friends in May. We made the most of the day by basking under the Laiya sun, drinking beer while catching up, and kayaking.


The next thing I knew, I had packed my bags to conquer Ilocandia with my college buddies in July. We endured long bus rides, felt invincible as we made it alive after the 4×4 adventure and sand boarding at the sand dunes, survived being food poisoned in Laoag, traveled to Pagudpud still high on medication (we had shots from the hospital the night before, and we were still taking pain killers and hydration salts for us to avoid all the crazy stuff that came with being food poisoned), bummed by the beach and recorded our Call Me Maybe music video.


I flew home again on my birthday to celebrate my 23rd in the comfort and peace of our home, and with my parents. August brought me back to Mindanao as my best friend and partner in crime offered me and V an all-expense-paid vacay. Who am I to say no to a free trip? We enjoyed the good life in Pagadian and spent a few days at a resort in Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur.

A few days last October was spent enjoying the luxurious white sand of Boracay with my girls, J and V. I then endured a long road trip from Caticlan to Iloilo port, crossed the body of water from Iloilo to Bacolod, and took the bus to Bago City, my hometown.


The second to the last trip for the year was the impromptu solo adventure to Puerto Galera in December. Things were stressing me out — and I had to run to myself. I needed the comforting sound of the waves, the kiss of the sun on my skin, and the gentle caress of the sand on my feet.

And of course, what best way to end the year than to fly home for Christmas and for my mom’s birthday. I was not able to leave home during my 4-day vacay because of the typhoon, but it sure ended great when a number of childhood buddies came over to catch up over bottles of beer, chips and roasted chicken. Reality hit hard as I had to take an early flight out of Bacolod, without sleep and highly intoxicated. The airport was buzzing with people. It was sheer chaos – I was sleepy, drunk and low on patience.


2012 was such a great year, but I’m damn sure 2013 will be better! I’m going crazy now for all the travel plans I and friends have in store. So many travel plans, so little time, and no travel funds at all!

We are going to make this happen! I’m so kilig for WANDERLUST 2013.


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