Bead ém up!

D0-it-yourself (DIY) crafts are effective de-stressing activities for me so when I have too much going on inside my head, I rummage through my treasures for something that needs a new look. My most recent canvass is the mesh kikay pouch I bought almost a year ago (SM Department store), which after a close inspection, bears very apparent signs of wear and tear.

What you need:

  • Used mesh pouch
  • Wooden beads and buttons
  • Scissors
  • Black thread
  • Needle


Start by examining the bag for torn parts, and then stitch them up.

Decide which part of the bag you would want to embellish. I decided to decorate the sides which endured a lot of stitching.

I started sewing the beads along the part where the mesh meets the zipper. I just alternated beads with different shapes, colors and sizes to give it a playful look.

Since the sides also had to undergo fixing and the stitches were visible, I chose to embellish them with beads, too.


This project is pretty simple. It took me give-or-take thirty minutes to revive my make-up kit. This DIY did not only help me explore my artsy side a bit, but also made me save money by not buying a new pouch.

Remember, before throwing out your old things, assess whether you can still save them before buying a new one. It doesn’t take an artist to do a DIY. You can try your own project during the weekend, too!


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