Backstory: Lost in translation

It’s always fun and challenging to try something new –but prepare to be stressed a bit and maybe lose some self-esteem along the way.

This week, a college buddy BBM-ed me asking if I know how to speak Hiligaynon. I thought she just wanted me to translate a line for her, so I replied that, yes, I actually speak the language. But no!!!! She asked me to translate a 25-minute interview which they will use for a short documentary. Well, I don’t usually say no to rakets as long as I know I’m capable of doing them –but translating a Hiligaynon interview to Tagalog? Hmmm. But 2012 is all about conquering fears and expanding horizons. Oh, and learning!

Sooooo,  after a few minutes, uhm, seconds of thinking about it, I accepted the raket. She then sent me the video files to work on and gave me ample time to gather my entire Hiligaynon prowess. But… it turned out my ENTIRE HILIGAYNON PROWESS wasn’t enough! While working on the video, I had to send text message blasts to my mom (mama), my aunt (mommy) and a few cousins to translate a few things for me. Crazy, right?

A few replies I got:


I then texted them something that went like:


When I finally finished working on the transcript translation, I BBM-ed my friend saying I emailed her the file and that she must let me know if she needs anything else.

She replied:

And I replied:

We are so sweeeeet! This is what real friendship is. Siraan ng career!

BUUUUUUUT! After a few minutes…

If she only felt how I felt while working on that transcript. Blaaaaah. Oh, I think she actually felt how harassed I was because I sent her curses on BBM. She just laughed at me! How supportive. 

But honestly, I realized how being multilingual can be an advantage. Now, I think I’ll have to work on my Hiligaynon, my Karay-a and Bisaya. I’m mediocre with Hiligaynon but I’m worse with Karay-a and Bisaya (I can understand basic words but couldn’t really speak both languages).

I think I just made my life more difficult –I just made my must-do and must-learn list longer! But I’m not one to back out on a challenge. LEZZZDOTHIS!




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