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Back to Tac: six months after Yolanda

Flew back to Tacloban, this time with CNBC Asia, six months after Typhoon Haiyan struck.
It’s heartwarming to see these stores now up and running at the Tacloban airport. The last time I was here, this area was a tent city for NGOs, media, rescue and relief workers. Things are looking up, even just a little bit.


After the storm: Typhoon Haiyan

Together with an Al Jazeera 101 East team, I flew to Leyte Island almost a week after Typhoon Haiyan first made landfall. The briefing before we were deployed for coverage was to expect the worst. As the helicopter slowly descended toward the stricken city of Tacloban, I saw the worst I had in mind was an understatement of the destruction that spread out below me.

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Scarred for life (and for the better)

This is what you’ve learned: all the wounds, burns, and scars—the visible and invisible—do not make you imperfect. They are battle scars, trophies even. They are reminders that at one point, or several instances too many, you loved too much and got hurt but you lived through it. So you continue to venture out of your comfort zone and throw caution to the wind. If you get scars and burns while you’re at it, let them tell your story of a life well lived.

Buscalan, Kalinga

Kalinga: Closer to heaven

Armed with anticipation, our measly budget, and the insatiable need to see the world, we were off to our four-day Kalinga adventure.


Real Living June is out!

Our lovely June baby is out! Please grab your own copy. <3

Alan Wisniewski, Umbra creative lead and Matt Carr, Umbra design director //Photo from DDB media release

Hot in the shade

When I worked as an editorial assistant for a home magazine, I would be tasked to pull-out Umbra items from Dimensione. They were really pretty — things I would want to own once I have my permanent space to spruce up. Before, it was just a brand. But after having the chance to meet the people behind the quirky and imaginative designs, Umbra is more than a brand — it is a lifestyle.